How do I post a swap?
Tap the red (+) icon in the top right-hand corner to post a new swap from your account
Do I have to add a photo?
No, but adding a photo to your post adds a level of confidence that you are a serious Swapper. We recommend it.
What if I don't want users to see my email?
Currently, this is a required feature in all Simple Swap apps. We are working hard on developing a feature that would mask the email address or add messaging capabilities within the app
How do I mark a swap as completed?
If you are the original Swapper, we encourage that you delete the post after the swap is complete. Simply go to “My Swaps,” find the post in the list, and swipe from right to left to bring up the context menu. Select the trash can icon to remove the post from the app.
I hate ads!
That’s not a question, but we understand where you’re coming from. Since the app is free, we use the ads to help cover the cost of server and hosting fees. If you’d rather not see the banner ads or pop-ups after you post, you can upgrade the app for an ad-free experience. Simply select “upgrade” in the slide-out menu. The image slider at the top will still display promoted posts and products, but we promise to keep these related to all things gaming. It’s there to notify you of new posts or special deals we can offer you.
Why don't I see any posts when I search?
Make sure you expand your search radius far enough to find posts nearby. If you still don’t see any posts, check your search options to make sure you aren’t limiting your results too much.